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Confidence in Being Seen: 2-hour workshop

Walk into any room with the confidence and charisma of a Burlesque star entering the stage!!

This 2-hour interactive session provides you with the tools to rediscover your true physical self,

embrace a sense of play, and to gain a new confidence in 'being seen'.

Session will cover:

 – Learn how to ‘Take Your Stage’

 – Techniques to demand that you ‘Be Seen’

 – Identifying the Unique YOU!

 – Presentation & Play: Rapport with your audience.

  • Shed your skin of past identities and explore who you are NOW.

  • Break down your mental barriers of being judged, not being accepted, not feeling good enough.

  • FEEL EXHILARATED about presenting your TRUE SELF…the amazing you, the one you didn’t realize existed, or are too scared to let out.

  • Learn to accept, own, and ultimately celebrate what you have, and who you are!

Confidence, Class, and Career: Full Half-Day Workshop

This extended workshop builds upon the beginning Confidence in Being Seen session to also cover:

 – Owning your own Femininity: Trust Yourself

 – Creating Confidence EVERY DAY

 – Finding the Uniqueness in YOU and using THAT to succeed

 – Over-coming ‘expectations’

  •   Discover not only your true selves, but break through pressure and false expectations

  •   Discover how just by being YOU, you are presenting your best self!

  •   Learn to be present on and off ‘stage’.

  •   The ‘Runway walk’ isn’t a one-time thing!

 (Includes an Instructional Take-home Guide for each participant)



*Quotes are based on up to 25 Participants. Larger Class Sizes Can Be Accommodated for an additional fee.

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