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The Dollface Dames are comprised of professional dancers, singers, and variety performers.  We have fully developed choreographed stage productions ready to be booked today.  You can choose to select a single dazzling routine to add to your party atmosphere or book the full show. We can customize shows to fit time requests or create something completely new just for you! Below are just some of our themes. 

We've even customized requests for 4th of July, the Super Bowl, Running of the Bulls, Day of the Dead, Cinco de Mayo, & more!


Custom Creations

Why be like anyone else? Get the royal treat and have everything created for you, from original choreography, to couture costumes by our fashion designers. Costumes don't have to be just for the talent, we can also have our designer create them for you and your guests.  Let us build an experience special for you!

Holiday Shows

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