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Violet On The Rocks

by Josh on September 25th, 2016

Violet grew up in a small sheltered suburb in this bustling hub of LA. She was your typical well behaved girl next door that attended daily ballet lessons and church every Sunday with her hair neatly tucked in a bun and skirt hemmed below her knee. As time grew on she felt so confined that one day she ran away from her lessons! She let her hair down and explored every kind of crazy performance art she could in this city. Upon her exploration Violet discovered the art of fire dance and was instantly enchanted! Without hesitation she traded her ballet slippers for fire tools and like a phoenix she rose from the flames with a new fiery passion!

Along with dancing with fire, Violet loves spending her time playing her ukulele, running around the beach, searching for other magical creatures, or making art with other eccentric artists. Watch out! If you follow Violet down the rabbit hole you may never come back!

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