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Vanda Mystére

by Josh on September 25th, 2016

Vanda Mystère is a famous pinup model and dancer whose popularity skyrocketed during the second world war. Her advertisements and centerfolds gave all the men oversees a little piece of home…as well as something extra to fight for. Vanda’s heart goes out to all the brave boys in uniform and hopes they all get back safely. Vanda has had her picture taken and her portrait drawn so many times, that she became transported through decades, forever captured in the hearts and frames of her fans. Her form withstands the test of time, making it possible for her to perform for you today! When you catch her giving you that seducing eye, remember it’s not just an illusion that she seems to come straight out of another era. Come see her dance, and you, too, will be transported!

Vanda_Mystere_thumb Vanda_Mystere_1 Vanda_Mystere_2

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