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Madame Petite Royale

by Josh on September 25th, 2016

Madame Petite Royale was raised in the cold mean streets of Chicago. She’s seen it all, done it all, and plans to do it all again! One windy night when the moon was full she wished upon a shooting star. “Oh shooting star I beg of you for the voice of an angel, the booty of Beyonce, and the free spirit of a gypsy”. Ever since she’s been burlesquing it up from sea to shinning sea. She enjoys deep glasses of red wine, long romantic walks to the bank, and leprehcan hunting! Madame Petite Royale currently holds the title for Cutesiest Burlesque Cutie, Ms. Hot Toddy, and Las Vegas Russian Roulette Champion. If you see her don’t forget to hoot and holler!

Madame_Petite_Royale_mainMadame_Petite_Royale_1 Madame_Petite_Royale_2

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