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Lady Sapphire Noir

by Josh on September 25th, 2016

Born into noble Moroccan beginnings, Lady Sapphire Noir’s vocal power was undeniable from birth. From the moment she let out her first cry, her parents knew that this lady would be known for her vocal ability. It was tradition in her family that all the women have some type of jewel in their name. Since she was basically attracted to the color blue as an infant, her parents thought it was fitting to name her Sapphire. When she was 5 years old it was discovered that this young girl had the gift of song. It was then that her mother sent her to live with relatives in the US. Her love of dark music, particularly rock, made her an outcast among her family. After her exile she quickly abandoned her noble upbringing for a life in show business. She is known for her incredibly deep, sultry, sexy voice.

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