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Dee Dee Perks

by Josh on September 25th, 2016

Always Perky, Never Plain, her Dancing is Hot and her Tricks are Insane!

From the moment she could walk, Dee Dee began tapping and twirling around her nursery. At the tender age of three, she began her journey through the trenches of several ballet companies, and survived the discipline of many harsh teachers. Enduring all this pain, Dee Dee was expected to be a lady as well, studying ballroom dance and etiquette, and exiting adolescence as a dainty debutant!

Longing for more adventure and excitement, Dee Dee became drawn to the exotic belly dancers she saw wearing sparkly bras and balancing swords on their heads! She immediately immersed herself in the culture and found she had a natural knack for the sensual movement. Dee Dee realized she was destined for more than classical dance, and did what every child dreams of, and joined the circus! This variety vixen soon became the Jack-of-all-Trades and mastered every skill and prop imaginable!

With her bright smile and perky “perks”, Dee Dee delivers performances that are both delicious and daring. She combines Burlesque with Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, even Cheer, to create fusion numbers that dazzle audiences all over the world!

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