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Cherry Bordeaux

by Josh on September 25th, 2016

Born the only daughter and single heir to the royal family of Bordeaux in Southern France, it soon became apparent that Cherry was a misfit among the ‘la crème de la crème’ of the noble court. Classically trained by the finest Maestros her noble lineage could provide , her voice soon became a commodity among the Opera Houses. Although sought after and adored by the upper crust, Cherry found her love of performing in the steamy bodoirs of the Paris Cabarets where she could turn anything “nice” into “naughty” . Now in the states with her favorite ladies of the night, “The Dollface Dames” Cherry continues to sex up your favorite operas, from Puccini, Gonoud, Donizetti and more. With her voluptuous voice and striking sensuality, Cherry brings back Operas heart pounding and thrilling sexuality. Enough to make Mozart proud.

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